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Reaching and converting your target group with an influencer campaign

Air-up brought an innovative and healthy alternative to soft-drinks to the table. It was Scooperz task to grow the brand awareness among their target audience.

How Scooperz Nailed It

  1. Extensive Target Group Analysis
  2. Influencers selected that have the perfect target audience
  3. Turned influencers into ambassadors.

The chosen influencers are connected to Air-up for a longer period of time. This ensures brand trust and continuous recognition.


Millions in reach and a commercial success! After a successful initial pilot campaign, the partnership between Air-up and Scooperz has been renewed several times and the results continue to go through the roof. We are happy, and they are even happier!

Our customers' happiness:

Sven Hoogeland

Sven Hoogeland

Jr. Influencer Manager – air up

Collaborating with Scooperz is always a blast! The campaigns are well prepared and the team is always looking out in our best interest. We’ve collaborated on multiple campaigns and are satisfied with the fun content and great results.