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Scooperz social media & influencers

Welcome to the attention economy. A fast-changing digital marketing game we control. We love to play online. We master the rules of social media. We are Scooperz digital agency, the gamechangers of the ad industry. We make your voice rise above the noise.

Whether it’s introducing a new brand story to existing markets or promoting an existing product to new markets; our job is to create impact, influence your audience, and start the digital dialogue. If you feel the same way as a brand manager, digital marketeer or a brave newbie, join our game!

We are the biggest Dutch influencer management agency!

Your audience is online 24/7. Can you keep up?

People are easily distracted nowadays. Our challenge is all about connecting through the small screen and creating brand value on the long term. Your audience is out there 24/7. But can your brand keep up?

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Going viral online is something every marketeer wishes for. Community management has a lot of potential to go viral.
Community management coronavirus crisis

Community management during the coronavirus crisis

What do you do as a brand or organisation when a huge peak in your online customer contacts occurs?
Simone Hagoort
Scooperz is a great company to work with. They are very quick to take action and are very creative. The team is very enthusiastic which has an infectious effect. Scooperz helps us to bring our brand Wilhelmina into the spotlight of a new target group and they do this very effectively!
Simone Hagoort
Product manager at Fortuin
Niels Verbaan
Scooperz is continuously up to date on the latest trends and developments in the field of digital marketing. This allows them to provide their customers with the best "custom made" solution to stand out in the market. I see Scooperz as a “one-stop-shop” digital marketing agency, where you can expect a holistic approach to your organizational problem.
Niels Verbaan
Sales Manager Aesthetics at Galderma
Sarah Comajta
Together with Scooperz, CliniClowns has been able to make some nice progress in the field of community management in the past year. We have a close-knit team that engages with our community with enthusiasm and sincere attention. We strive for high-quality conversations.
Sarah Comajta
Content Marketeer & Community Management Coördinator at CliniClowns
Meike van Willigen
Scooperz is a young team with a lot of knowledge and plenty of sharp creative ideas. They developed an impactful campaign for Oranjeboom with a clear identity of our brand. Everything is perfectly organized: from the design to the targeting, from the strategy to community management. The results are above and beyond our expectations, fantastic work!
Meike van Willigen
Marketing Manager at Oranjeboom
Gemma Buters
The collaboration with Scooperz runs very naturally. A quick WhatsApp message or email on a free Saturday afternoon is not a problem. They are very quick to respond to questions or design requests, even launching a new campaign on a Friday afternoon is no trouble at all! Nothing is too wild for the Scooperz team. It feels like they are right next to you at the office. Amazing!
Gemma Buters
Sr Communications Advisor at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Scooperz is unique, because it has a caring team that works very intuitively. You’ll notice immediately that Scooperz understands different audiences and knows how to handle them online.
Brand Manager Consumer at Galderma
Mandy Rosheuvel-Turner
The use of branded content online is helping us tremendously in increasing the brand and concept awareness of our brands Candyman and Italiano. Scooperz - master of Creative Content - stimulates interaction with our target audience in a refreshing, thought-provoking, and humorous way. Scooperz does not sit on the opposite side of the table, but right next to us....
Mandy Rosheuvel-Turner
Senior Brandmanager at Copar
Julia Verwijs Digital Manager OPPO
Scooperz convinced us of their creativity and enthusiasm during their pitch. We are very excited to share OPPO's story on social media with surprising and fun content.
Julia Verwijs
Digital Manager at OPPO
Marco Langendam
It is very normal for travelers to quickly ask questions or make comments about public transport via social media. But answering these questions requires speed, thorough knowledge of public transport and professionalism, along with a friendly smile. A unique combination that we have definitely found at Scooperz.
Marco Langendam
Travel information, Media & Communications at 9292
“Traveling brings us together ”. A slogan that demonstrates the power of 9292. It also fits in with the process we went through with Scooperz in creating our brand campaign. We worked together with multiple parties, filmed in different modes of transport with multiple transport companies and we faced a tough deadline. We are very proud of the result and you recognize Scooperz in it: professional and a good feeling!
Marketing Manager at 9292
Social community Mike van der Waal
Scooperz helped us tremendously during the Air Force days; the largest public event of the Royal Dutch Air Force. In the run-up, during and after the event, there was a pleasant cooperation and the people of Scooperz made an important contribution in supporting webcare and in the creation of content. In addition, they have given us new valuable and inspiring insights. In short: they are experts in the field of social media and webcare!
Social media at Royal Dutch Airforce
André op de Weegh
We had an amazing result of 323% compared to a regular Tuesday. We really had a lot of comments on Facebook. For that we obviously thank Scooperz, especially Lara and Nikki! It's great how you guys stay patient and friendly at all times.
André op de Weegh
Marketing Communications Advisor at Tango