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Extra capacity community management during Covid-19

Receiving tens of thousands of Whatsapp and social media messages on a daily basis. A call center scaled up to maximum capacity, yet no control over the flow of messages. And as a result, a mainly negative sentiment about your brand. At this point, it’s time to take action.

Transavia, the airline, package tour provider, and daughter company of KLM was hit hard because of the Coronavirus. During the first wave back in March, millions of tickets had to be cancelled. Vouchers had to be manually handed out via email due to safety restrictions, which resulted in people having to wait for a pretty long time. As a result, the airlines’ generally positive image received a blow.

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Changing sentiment

Transavia had a great team who tried to manage the flow of messages, but unfortunately, they lacked the time capacity to change the sentiment of the customers. Fortunately, this is exactly what our community management agents at Scooperz excel in. In addition to a great sense of service, they know exactly when a “wink” is appropriate to use.

Because of our years of experience on the most intensive accounts, our agents (of whom most have worked with us for many years) are able to pick up any new account very quickly. Clear agreements on the secondary line, half a day’s worth of training on the brand of Transavia, arranging logins, and we were able to take off (😉). A project launch within just two days, a record!

How community management contributes to brand experience

The first days were very intensive: A lot of angry people who mostly just wanted to be informed about the status of their voucher or reimbursement. Still, there is always a chance of creating a compliment out of any complaint. A customer can be angry, but by showing that you will do anything to solve a problem, a shift in sentiment takes place. And when a customer feels adequately helped, they will portray that in their response.

When others see that rise in happy customers, their hopes in finding a solution increases, and makes hem less inclined to leave negative responses themselves. This way, more and more pleasant conversations started to take place, and the sentiment became more positive as well.

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