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Outsourcing community management and improving accessibility online

Getting better customer evaluations by improving accessibility, sometimes it really is that simple. And you don’t need to outsource your entire customer service for that either.

When your company is growing, internal processes can become overly encumbered. Extra sales mean more clients, but are you able to answer those customer’s questions and complaints in time? Companies that are not accessible or hard to reach are often reasons for customers to start looking elsewhere.

Extended hours


Community management

Dutch and Flemish

Building  a community


Full or partial outsourcing?

Outsourcing entire departments fully is not a goal for every organization. But having it partially taken over, especially in busy periods, can be pleasant for everyone. Stella Fietsen, Netherland’s best-known E-bike brand, noticed a considerable increase in their sales. But this also increased the amount of contact moments via Facebook and other channels. Messages that didn’t always get a timely response, led to frustration among customers.

Is outsourcing expensive?

By looking at where the peak moments take place, when the target group is mostly online and by coordinating the marketing plans, you can create a good forecast when extra capacity on community management is required. Not randomly assigning people to work but looking at what is needed when. Outsourcing is then not only a relief, but also remains financially attractive.

Two countries, two different approaches

The bicycle brand is starting to be known across the border and noticed that there was a pretty big increase of messages on their Belgian platforms as well.

By monitoring the peaks over a long period of time and comparing those with marketing campaigns, a great capacity plan could be formed per country.

For Stella Netherlands, a increase of capacity on Sunday’s was needed, while the busiest times of Belgium were taking place outside of office hours. A different capacity plan for each country, but both being completely relieved during peak moments, that is the Scooperz way!

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