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Community management for the household name of appliances

Miele has enjoyed an impeccable reputation for
many years in part because of its great
customer service. To be able to be a part of that
by handling Miele’s community management
on social media is a total dream come true!

Customer journey

Brand awareness

Community management

Viral interactions

Community building

Customer experience

Our digital approach

Together with Miele, we have determined how
to set up their community management in the best way
possible. This way we ensure adequate
responses to questions, complaints and
comments received through Instagram,
Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, our
community builders also ensure that the
customer service journey of Miele runs
smoothly and is result oriented. A vital part of
this is Identifying service issues. Our agents
ensure that complaints land well internally, so
that every customer is helped properly.
We do not only manage our online brand
reputation but improve it as well. Using humor,
personal interactions and showing empathy for
the customers, we strengthen our relationships;
7 days a week, 14 hours a day.


Thanks to our online presence and long opening
hours, customers know their way around asking
questions or expressing complaints and
compliments. This has led to a considerable
growth in building their community. This way, thanks to
the sharp monitoring, we went viral in the
By going viral, in addition to the reach that our
community management provides, we have
achieved a PR value of 2,5 million for Miele over
the past couple of months.

Check the results here!

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