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Influencer marketing

Why do people follow influencers?

Let us explain: they are fans, look up to the influencer or they just really like them as a person. Mostly, influencers are very passionate and know a lot about one subject. They use their knowledge to inspire their followers. In addition to this they share a lot of personal content which generates trust. This trust then ensures that their recommendations assumes truer. And most important: this trust also sells your product better.

Knowledge is power

We are specialized in matching the right influencer(s) to your products or services and help you find your own superhero. This is how we work:

Set targets

Define the concept

Select influencer(s)

Launch the campaign

Reporting and analyses

Once you and your superhero are matched, we can help design social campaigns in which your brand and influencer can shine like never before.

influencer management manager felix van wissen

I have received both a creative as a commercial education which results in experience on both sides. I launched social campaigns together with my clients, but I also have been managing the biggest influencers for years!


During my studies I set up the influencer marketing for a big amusement park. I completed my studies with one of the largest influencers in the Netherlands. I experienced influencer marketing from the business- as well as the influencer side. At Scooperz I can combine both facets into one function within this beautiful influencer world!

Influencer Vincent Dik

I am an influencer myself for eight very successful years in a row now. (400.000 subscribers on YouTube.) Throughout these years I always maintained the business contact by myself. I know exactly what an influencer needs and wants, but also what’s expected by the client.


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