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Talent management

Influencers Jeremy and Enzo Frieser

You have built up a huge following and get asked more and more frequently about collaborations, but you don’t know what you can exactly gain from it. How do you keep all that awesomeness you share with the world profitable? We aim to facilitate a collaboration that is mutually beneficial. As an international influencer marketing and management agency we have a huge network with the world’s biggest brands and arrange the best deals between those and our influencers. 

Our talents

Be your authentic self

At Scooperz we see influencers as our partners. It’s important for you to stay true to your authentic self, because that is your strength. We give you the space to decide what suits you best and give you advise so you can grow. As an influencer marketing agency, we are proactive in bringing in great brands that suit you. This way, you can get more out of collaborations than you would if you would do it on your own.

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Earn what you deserve

Our influencer management team consists of experienced marketeers. They know the work field and know how to make the best deals. Beside awesome campaigns, we help you with fine-tuning your own brand and set up your rates. We create a personal plan to make sure you grow, brainstorm on regular basis to create the most awesome concepts for your channels and help you with visuals and edits. You only do what you like, we help you earn what you deserve.

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