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How we go viral with community management for Miele

Going viral online is something every marketeer wishes for. Community management has a lot of potential to go viral. This became very clear when we had a thumb-stopping conversation with a man who accidentally bought a Miele toy vacuum cleaner. We will gladly give you a peak behind the scenes so you can see for yourself how we went viral with community management. It all started with this message that our community management agents received within our community management tool.

Community management is Marketing

Our agents are true communication professionals. They do not only know how to strike the right chord in difficult conversations and are devoted to service, but are also trained at Scooperz as social marketeers with an aptitude for branding opportunities. So, after picking ourselves up from the floor from laughing at this funny Tweet, it became very clear that this was a great marketing opportunity for Miele. After a quick call with Miele headquarters with the news of a possibility to go viral, it resulted in the following response:

miele customer service

PR worth of community management

After that, things went fast! 1.098 retweets and responses, mentions on “De Beste Social Media”, RTL, Dumpert and others created a reach of 950.000 and a PR worth of €156.000!

miele community management

After all, community management is so much more than just dealing with complaints and questions.

  • It is the frontline of your online presence, and by having direct contact with your customers you know exactly what is going on and what their wants and needs are.
  • A positive customer experience contributes to your image. Through creative community management, in collaboration with your marketing team, you generate a reach what dreams are made of.

Sales boost thanks to community management

The community management going viral resulted in a charming marketing stunt, but Miele surprised us with a great sales follow up:

Miele social media post

“That is why we now temporarily offer a toy vacuum cleaner as a gift when you buy a Miele vacuum cleaner.”

Now everyone can receive a nice toy vacuum cleaner! Our tip for you? Make community management an active part of your marketing strategy and never, ever underestimate its power.

Do you want to know how community management can fit into your marketing strategy? Read more here or drop by to get acquainted with our talents.

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