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Community management

We’ve got news for you: your audience is always online. At any place. And any time. To keep up with that demand, you need to provide 24/7 online customer service and be able to engage with your audience at any time. How can you possibly provide that without overdemanding yourself and your employees, you ask? Easy ;). Outsourcing your community management to Scooperz means having a dedicated community management team that is here for your brand and your audience 24/7. Yes: that’s also during weekends and Holidays. We provide native speakers in all languages and are sure to speak your language too!     

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After all these comments

Scooperz knows exactly how powerful a loyal online community is. Loyal fans are one the best advertisements a brand can have. Build a strong online brand community and you’re halfway there. However, your audience does not become loyal effortlessly. A strong community management strategy is key. The digital world is all about conversation and dialogue. Your audience wants to talk to you, and – more importantly – be heard. We therefore not only answer all brand-related questions on behalf of your brand, but also start engaging conversations that allow your audience to become fans. We stay friendly where others would get mad, and influence every brand experience with positivity.

Your audience = our new BFF

Your brand becomes our alter ego. Your audience our new BFF. We’re not only trained in engagement execution, but also in engagement strategy. We immerse ourselves in your brand and take in everything there is to know. Together we design a community management strategy that works for your brand and especially for your audience. We devise a brand specific tone of voice, plan an approach to handling all incoming messages, and decide how and when to escalate. There’s no longer a need to worry about impossible audience demands: your community is safe – and happy! – with us.

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