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Community management during the coronavirus crisis and other peak moments

What do you do as a brand or organisation when a huge peak in your online customer contacts occurs? You have to be able to respond to that. Community management therefore plays an essential role in monitoring, signalling and crisis management. Whenever there is some sort of commotion, you will be the first to notice it with your incoming social media messages. By consistently monitoring your channels (or having them monitored), you can quickly detect commotion and changes in public sentiment. This way, you can respond in a timely manner and prevent potential brand image damage.

Community management is your frontline: The place where you signal, prevent and solve crises.

Outsourcing your community management to Scooperz

Peak moments of Scooperz’ community management

Over the years, our department of community management has experienced many peak moments especially during the coronavirus crisis. For example, at the current time we are seeing a great strain at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport caused by a great deal of news and questions about the coronavirus crisis. This ministry plays a major role in providing information about COVID-19 and receives a lot of messages about it. To help manage this, we monitor all incoming messages throughout the day. This way, a constant overview of the sentiments among the Dutch population is given and we are able to inform the Ministry about which subjects are being discussed at that moment in time. In addition, we naturally answer questions, provide information and put people at ease.

In February 2018, we also processed thousands of messages for this ministry in only a few days time when the new Donor Act was passed in the First Chamber of Parliament. In addition, during our community management for travel planner 9292, we had to deal several times with extreme volumes due to events that disrupted the public transport network in the Netherlands. Fortunately, a peak does not always have to come as a surprise. Our team has supported large events on a campaign basis several times. Together with the social media team of the Air Force, we processed all messages received during the Air Force Days 2019 into an SLA of 1 hour! In addition, there are of course unexpected peaks that are very positive: here you can read how we went viral with a strong newsjack at Miele and received hundreds of responses as a result.

This is how we prepare ourselves for community management

As community managers, we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. It is important that we can not only respond on behalf of the organization, but also that we do so in the same way as the organization would. In order to prepare, we determine the best community management strategy and a suitable tone of voice for the brand. In addition, we draw up a protocol for handling messages and determine when we should proceed to escalate to the organisation. At times we’re just the first line of customer contact, and sometimes we do the entire front office including contact with the internal back office. Our approach is brand-specific and different for each customer: in other words, completely custom made.

Even before we start handling community management on behalf of an organisation or brand, our team is extensively briefed by the client and we calibrate cases to get the answers in line with each other. Even before we start handling replying on behalf of an organisation or brand, our team is extensively briefed by the client and we calibrate cases to get the answers in line with each other. We carry out internal quality checks on a daily basis and ensure that clear transfers are made both internally and to the customer. We keep the lines of communication with the client close and are constantly engaged in innovating our service and commitment.

Our community managers are true magicians: friendly and service-minded, good with words, quick in responding and always able to conjure up a great newsjack. We select them for their qualities, of course, but we also take a good look at their availability and flexibility. This way we have formed a team that can always scale up – even when it has to be done last-minute. This allows us to shift and act immediately in the event of peaks.

Let us help you!

No matter how and what the reason for a peak in online mentions might be: our department of community management is set up to handle high pressure and large volumes. We relieve organizations in times of pressure and stress, keep control and work at high speed, without compromising on quality of course. Curious as to how we can support your brand with community management on a daily basis and/or during peak times? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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However, implementing community management also comes with a huge responsibility. A major misconception is that “community management can just be implemented”. In this digital age, your target group is online for a major part of their day, and they expect you to be as well. That’s a huge amount of time.

At Scooperz, we help organisations with their community management by providing this service for their brand(s) in a professional and personal approach. Even during peak moments, such as the now infamous coronavirus crisis, big events such as the Royal Air Force Days and Water Board Elections, we deliver a good campaign or an entertaining viral post. And while we obviously prefer to see positive peaks resulting from (for example) successful campaigns, we are also always ready to take the blow in unexpected circumstances and emergencies and continue to provide high-quality community management.