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Micro-influencers for Braun

Growing a community collaboratively with micro-influencers
We were approached by Braun Household, who asked us: How can we locally activate our brand on Instagram in a manner that makes people actually want to follow us?

The game plan for Braun on Instagram

Braun receives high quality media from global, but this can come across as a bit distant and too commercial to score well on Instagram. What we did was combine global imagery with local content from micro-influencers to create a much more engaging social media account on Instagram.

We used a combination of:

  1. Global Media to put products in the spotlight
  2. Content created by micro-influencers in recognizable situations for followers
  3. Paid advertising to ensure that the content reaches the right target audience

  4. Community management; because a true community on social media is all about opening dialogue and not just one way communication.

An awesome, authentic Instagram account for Braun in the Netherlands with much higher engagement and happier followers!

Our customers' happiness:


Iris van der Woude

Trade Marketeer - De'longhi group

With the help of influencers and Scooperz, we now filled our feed with content that appeals to our target audience. Scooperz is also proactively working on substantiating the strategy so that we had a case to report to our branch.

Together with Scooperz we have been able to build a very nice Social Media strategy that all parties are happy with!