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From sponsorships to an ambassadorship: Stan Browney was built for a Gymshark partnership!

Gymshark is a true trendsetter in leveraging influencers and ambassadors. The fitness clothing brand generates online visibility by showcasing their clothing in videos by fitness influencers.

If you say fitness influencers, then of course we’ll say Stan Browney! His videos see him taking on the most impressive, mind bending fitness challenges. His YouTube channel boasts more than 1.4 million international followers. Scooperz manages all of Stan’s partnerships and collaborations.


If you ask us: Gymshark and Stan are a match made in sports heaven! Gymshark thought precisely the same way and requested a collaboration with Stan. The sponsorship would be comprised of three videos, in which Stan had complete creative freedom.

That’s something you only need to ask Stan once. He came up with three awesome challenges and showcased Gymsharks gear in his videos in a completely natural collaboration. Always one to tackle the most incredible push-up and nail the trickiest TikTok trends, Stan Browney always rises to the occasion.


As always, Stans videos attracted countless views and thousands of reactions from his impressed followers. The videos from this campaign alone gathered over 1.7 million views! Quite the fruitful collaboration, if you ask us, but it didn’t stop with these results of course.

The collaboration between Stan and Gymshark was so successful that they are now working together in the form of an ambassadorship. Stan will always be seen wearing and promoting Gymshark in his content throughout the year.

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