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How we grew Benzac using influencers on TikTok

Benzac has been active in the Dutch market for years. In order to combat slowing growth, Benzac was looking for new methods to reach the right target group and make them enthusiastic about their product.

The game plan for BENZAC

The game plan forĀ Benzac

Benzac’s main difficulty was finding a way to reach the under-18 target group, which meant that brand awareness was slowly decreasing. With a scientifically proven product that helps against pimples, the main goal was to get this message across in a way that young people understand and like. How did Scooperz do this?

A new campaign where we contrast non-working methods (like smearing toothpaste) with the efficiency and ease of Benzac.

  • Utilizing major influencers who serve as role models for the target audience.
  • Paid advertising so that this target audience is reached multiple times in order to increase the likelihood of purchase.
  • Community management: This is how we turn followers into fans. Questions are answered and negative comments are countered with information.


The skillful selection and briefing of 11 different influencers, including the largest female Tiktokkers in the Netherlands, ensured a massive impact. The new fans quickly turned into a noteworthy increase in sales.

Our customers' happiness:




Step into the world of your target audience. You can build a successful social media campaign, even with a brand that is not very sexy. Dare to trust in your agency.