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Carrera - Dutch influencer marketing campaign

Carrera – the global provider of ‘motorsport at home’ – knows that audiences are primarily online these days. But how can they reach kids and teens on social media? Which social influencers can help to reach Carrera’s audience? Carrera asked Scooperz to design a Dutch influencer marketing campaign that would draw in the audience and generate more brand awareness.

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Our digital approach

We set up an influencer campaign for Carrera in the Benelux. Jeremy Frieser and his younger brothers were the perfect social influencers for this campaign. Jeremy is a famous Dutch YouTuber with a primary audience of youths between 10 and 18 years old, which is also Carrera’s target audience. Jeremy has over 700.000 YouTube subscribers and 593.000 Instagram followers, making him able to reach a large audience.

Jeremy’s younger brothers – Merlijn and Morris Frieser – who together have their own popular Instagram account. Merlijn and Morris both fall into Carrera’s target audience and are therefore perfect for demonstrating the fun of Carrera’s products to their peers. This also enhances the credibility of the campaign.

We designed a multi-facetted Dutch influencer marketing campaign that played on both YouTube and Instagram. On YouTube, we focused on creating an experience. The videos showed Jeremy Frieser and his brothers playing with Carrera’s products and showing their functions more extensively. On Instagram, the main focus was reaching a large audience. We did so by using posts and Instagram Stories with links to the Carrera webshop.


The content within the campaign garnered over 1.000.000 views, 90.000 likes, and 1.300 comments. Comments and clicks on the links showed us the audience was engaged. We are currently making plans to follow up on this campaign.

Check the results here!

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