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How we created a
viral TikTok campaign
using influencers

TikTok is one of the biggest social platforms as of today. With over 800 million active users worldwide it has the highest interactivity level among users compared to other social media channels. The ever-growing popularity of TikTok makes it very interesting for brands to advertise on the platform. We used the unique features and nature of the app to launch a campaign that ended up going viral on TikTok for one of the biggest candy brands in the Netherlands: Candyman.


User generated content

Influencer marketing

Short video

Candyman challenge

Viral video

Our digital approach

Candyman is a well-known Dutch candy brand. During the COVID-19 outbreak, they faced the problem of their clients not visiting supermarkets as much, especially just to buy candy. How do you stay in touch with fans of your brand during a situation like this? How do you stimulate sales using a relevant and engaging approach, given the current situation?

Using TikToks viral potential, the #CandymanChallenge was born. We involved various Dutch influencers, including our own social talents Melanie Latooy and Enzo Frieser, to kick-start the campaign. The challenge? Creating a TikTok video in which you show how you creatively hand over candy maintaining the 1,5 meters distance. By participating in the challenge, users got the chance of winning 1,5 years’ worth of free candy and a SUITSUIT suitcase!


The result of the viral TikTok campaign? A total of 1.2 million views and over 200K likes!

Check the results here!

Our customers' happiness:

Mandy Rosheuvel Turner- Viral TikTok Campaign case

Mandy Rosheuvel-Turner

Senior Brandmanager - Copar

The use of branded content online helps us tremendously in expanding awareness with our brands Candyman and Italiano. Scooperz – experts in creative content – enhances interaction with our target audience by using fresh, stimulating and humoristic content. Scooperz is right by our side!

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